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Glimmer Train's
Family Matters
Top 25 Winners And Finalists

1st-place winner:
Carmiel Banasky for "Save"

2nd-place winner:
Paul Michel for "Not the King of Prussia"

3rd-place winner:
Elizabeth Kadetsky for "Dermagraphia--A Ghost Story"

And the finalists, listed in alphabetical order:
Gene Albamonte for "The Natural Order of Things"
Hasan Altaf for "The Widowerhood and Remarriage of Mr. Asad Khwaja, June 1992"
Jason Andrews for "Life Without a Stomach"
Shirley Asano for "Tea"
Victoria Comella for "We Are Anybody Else"
Jeff Conant for "Ma, or Moon Over Williamsburg"
Ramola D for "Esther"
Anne de Marcken for "Foils"
Ruben Degollado for "A Map of Where I've Been"
Joshua Howes for "Neighbors"
Anjali Khosla for "Interlude"
Christian Kirmser for "The Drespers"
Thomas Lee for "Reminders of Absalom"
Adelaida Lucena de Lower for "The Herd of Geryon"
Abvram Martine for "Campo Santo"
Laura Oliver for "Everything I Do Tonight"
Janice Rodriguez for "Found in Translation"
Sam Ruddick for "Polar Bear"
Ethan Ryan for "Chicken Bones"
Cindy Selnes for "The Drive North"
Asako Serizawa for "Passing"
Yee-giun Yen for "Root"