Glimmer Train Press Inc.

Glimmer Train's
Short-Story Award For New Writers
Top 25 Winners And Finalists

1st-place winner:
Lydia Copeland for "Theodore and Nan"

2nd-place winner:
Nicki Reno for "A Sliver"

3rd-place winner:
Marla Becking for "There is Solace in Ceremony"

And the finalists, listed in alphabetical order:
Seth Ansorge for "His Timing Is All Wrong"
Dalia Azim for "City on Fire"
Jehanne Beaton for "Elia and the Baby"
Kim Bullock for "Going Back"
Susan Chi for "Up"
Jae Won Chung for "There's Nothing I Can Say about Love That Doesn't Leave Me the Feeling That I've Left Something Out"
Sharon Doane for "El Milagro of Bonita Martinez"
Janet Gilman for "Minding the Gap"
Elaine Howell for "Meal, Combat, Individual"
Jenny Kennedy for "A History of Everything, Including You"
Franny Key for "The Quiet Game"
Christiana Langenberg for "Between Body and Language"
Sara Levine for "Sitting with Tainey"
Deanne Lundin for "What a Man Can Carry"
Siddhartha Nadkarni for "The Solace of Place"
Michiko Okubo for "My Grandmother's Hearth"
Helen Ross for "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Childhood"
Michael Schiavone for "Sterile"
Maia Storm for "Ojos Brillantes, 1,2,3"
Emily Strelow for "Butter not Flies"
Richard Weems for "The Cat Story"
Catherine Yu for "Smoke for Breakfast"