We're so sorry that it's not possible to make a submission at this time. We are either making backups or doing other maintenance, and the system will be available again within a few hours.
Two important things to remember, please:
It's pretty hard to miss a deadline. If the site is down for more than a few hours, the usual 7-day grace period will be extended to 10 days.
We apologize for the delay and hope you'll try again in a few hours—we're eager to read your work!
Tips for easily making submissions, in case you're new to the site:
  1. Review your story file before beginning the submission process to be sure you'll be submitting your most recent version. (It's not possible to revise the story after submitting it, and having to exit the submission process to revise your file slows down the process, which could cause you to "time out.")

  2. Our system is comfortable with these file types: .DOC, .RTF, .TXT. It's fine to try submitting a .DOCX file, but if, in the offered pop-up view, your story is abbreviated, please save it as a .DOC file before trying again. Read this page for more info. Note: If your story was created as a .WPS file, submit that file. (Don't save it as a .DOC.)

  3. If you'd like to include a cover letter, just have that written and ready to copy and paste in place. (Writing it while using the submission system slows the process down and, again, might cause you to "time out.")
Thank you for your patience—we look forward to reading your stories!

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