Glimmer Train Press Inc.

Glimmer Train's
Short-Story Award For New Writers
Top 25 Winners and Finalists

1st-place winner:
Syed Ali Haider for "Scheherazade"

2nd-place winner:
Clay Pearn for "Turtle Eggs"

3rd-place winner:
Anna Chieppa for "Whatever Makes You Happy"

And the finalists, listed in alphabetical order:
Tina Bartolome for "End of the Line"
Timothy Bascom for "How the Other Half Lives"
Keith Chapman for "Silo"
Daren Dean for "Affliction"
Jenny Dunning for "Slump Rock"
Rosanna Forrest for "We'll Understand It Better By and By"
Ethan Grunstein for "Old Man D'Amato and the Backyard"
Eli Hager for "A City in Africa"
Andrew Hampton for "Three Universities"
Kara Krauze for "Moscow When I Was Young"
Bob Lucky for "Notes & Instructions for Eli"
Greg Luther for "The Passengers"
Louise Marburg for "A Failure of Imagination"
Dalia Rosenfeld for "Flowers of Galilee"
Sara Schaff for "Diatomaceous Earth"
Eliza Schrader for "Tulum"
Brad Seligman for "Woke Up Strange"
Catherine Tung for "The Undeserving"
Paul Vidich for "Masks"
Steven Vincent for "From the Wreckage"
Siamak Vossoughi for "The Window"
Nathan Willis for "Bears of the World"