Glimmer Train Press Inc.

Glimmer Train's
Short-Story Award For New Writers
Top 25 Winners And Finalists

1st-place winner:
Selena Anderson for "Here Come the Brides"

2nd-place winner:
Chase Dearinger for "The Numbskull Piece"

3rd-place winner:
Brenna Burns for "River Sans Prière"

And the finalists, listed in alphabetical order:
Caroline Arden for "Yolo County"
Nicole Pombier Berger for "Now It Burns"
Zack Brennan for "Arabia"
Elysha Chang for "Monkey Brains"
Emily Danforth for "Definition"
Joseph Eveld for "If Your Uncle Says Something Crazy"
Jiayang Fan for "Termites"
William Fenton for "Pieces"
Laura Fromm for "Go Away and Come Back"
Adam Jones for "County Road"
Erin Kasdin for "Breaking Things"
Elayne Klasson for "Consolation"
Carmen Machado for "Flood"
Ben Mauk for "My Father the Developer"
Chris McCormick for "Mojave Animal Shelter"
Carolyn Mikulencak for "Burble"
Gavin Ranta for "The Life of a Transient"
Craig Reinbold for "Girl on Tracks"
Charity Shumway for "The Circuit"
Seema Vora for "Splat"
Kathryne Young for "Roadrunner"
Tony Zito for "The Leaves Are Falling, No It's the Sky"